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Your Home Page
A crisp, clear, and easy-to-scan design helps communicate what's most important on, which has been running using Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine for over two years. Virtually every aspect of the site can be easily adjusted and modified.
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Logo: Your logo or other moniker is highly visible (and can be modified at any time).
Menu: An easy-to-understand menu takes users directly into the section that they want to see. (Sections can be modified at any time.)
Top Story: A "Top Story" shows visitors the single most important thing that you want them to see. (Of course, you can easily change the top story as often and whenever you want.)
Stories: One story from each section starts on the home page. You decide which one, changing, updating, adding whenever you want.
Contact Details: Your complete contact information (which can be modified at any time) is displayed prominently throughout your site.

Your site is designed with three specific principles in mind for independent professionals:
1. You don't make money until people contact you. That's why your contact information appears on every page.
2.Your site must be easy to update. That's why your site is completely under your control via web pages.
3.Your site must be easy for search engines to scan. As you register, special code is added to your site that makes it very search-engine friendly.


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