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About Eric Mofford and Michael Grover
And why we built The Amazing Web Machine.

Name: Eric Mofford
Web Site:
Work: Independent Filmmaker
About three years ago, Eric and I got together to figure out what seemed like a fairly imposssible problem. Eric, an independent Filmmaker, wanted a small website at his domain

Ok, that wasn't the impossible problem. The impossible problem was that Eric needed to be able to update his website whenever he wanted, to make changes to the content and to the images whenever he had new stuff to report about the projects he was working on.

What made this a fairly impossible problem was that Eric, like any independent professional, didn't want to spend time learning html and, even if he did, he didn't want to risk breaking his site because of accidently removing a < or a > or altering a <img src command. In short, he didn't want to touch the stuff.

So, what we conceived was a site where Eric could use forms to feed his stories into a database and that the database would show the stories into set templates.
Name: Michael Grover
Work: Web Marketer-Developer

As we developed the code for the site, more and more ideas kept coming up to add different functions and different services that would help Eric make his web site very easy to update. Web developers like to call this Feature Creep. Eric and I thought of it more as a creative process and it was a lot of fun.

Anyway, Eric launched his site in 2000 and over the next two+ years, he and I refined the code to make things as easy as possible for him to update.

Now, here's the story you came to this page for: Eric was able to put a little at the bottom of all his emails and on his business cards. And he kept getting feedback from people as to how cool it was that he had a decent website. But then, when Eric would show them the back-end (ie: the part he uses to update his site from any computer on the planet) people were universally flabbergasted.

After about a year of thinking and talking about it, Eric and I decided to give it a go and see if we could turn the code we developed for his website into a product that people could use.

That's the story. Are you in?

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