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The Amazing Web Machine for Independent Professionals

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    About the Amazing Web Machine   2. How It Works      
Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine is like a dehydrated web site.
All you do is add the content!

Anybody who's had a web site will tell you: building the site is hard work. But, it's nothing compared to keeping it up to date.

Big-time web sites usually have their own content management systems to help them. Independent professionals, though, don't and are left to either hire someone to do it (big $) or wade through a morass of HTML, hoping against hope not to lose a single < or > for it might render the entire site useless.

The only thing worse than a web site you can't update is explaining to your customers and prospects to please NOT visit your site for the most current information.

Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine. That's why we invented Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine. Absolutely the fastest, easiest, and coolest way for Independent Professionals to create and update their own professionally-developed web sites.

The Amazing Web Machine provides the whole thing, ready to roll. All you have to do is add the content and you can tick that nasty 'Get a Web Site' item off your to-do list by this afternoon.

Take a look at the screen shots below and if you want to see more, go to the more in-depth demonstration.

Demonstration... »»

Visitors access your home page at your own domain name
(This example is

Your contact information
is liberally applied. »

« Choose from several clean and crisp home page templates, each optimized to load fast, be easy to navigate and easy for search engines to index. (They're even wireless compatible!)

Click to see demo
Behind the scenes, you've got complete creative control.
Make changes in a snap.
Here's how easy it is to make changes to a story you've posted...

Click to see demo
Click to see demo

« Just click on a story in your Story Manager, make the change, and hit "Save." Your story is automatically updated.

Changing contact information, adding stories, modifying colors, and much more is just as easy.

Got lots of images for one story?
There's a cool SlideShow feature that you can use.
Create a slide show that helps tell the story. Adding a slide is easy: just select the image you want to add.

A handy caption function lets you caption photos that need more explanation.

Demonstration... »»

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