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Your site can be free.
It's pretty easy to get a discount on your site, and even make it free.

Every person you refer to Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine who becomes a member gives you a $5 discount every month they are a member (up to the total cost of your account).

So, if you refer 5 people, you'll get a $25 credit every month to your account.

How does this work? Once you sign up, you will have a special referal link that will give you credit for referals. You can send this referal link to any colleagues who are interested in joining. Then, if they sign up using that referal link, you will get $5 off your account every month they are a member.

Are there any limitations? Yes, there are always limitations. You won't get credit if:

  • you have already refered enough people to make your account free;
  • the person signs up but uses uses a different referal link; or
  • you are no longer a member of Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine.
Can I just start spamming people? Don't be ridiculous. Only send your referal link to people you know. In fact, you should only send it to people you have already talked to about Eric and Mike's Amazing Web Machine. Here's what happens if people start complaining that you spammed them: first complaint, you get a stern email, most likely in uppercase; 2nd complaint, your account is cancelled.

I paid for three months and now some colleagues have joined. How do I get my credits? As soon as each eligible person joins using your referal link, a $5 monthly credit is attached to your account. So, when it's time to renew, your credit will already be there.

What if I refer people and then I cancel? Will you pay me in cash? You must be a member to get credit for them.

What if I refer people and then they sign up but then they cancel? You will get credit for every month they are a paying member. If they cancel before becoming a paying member, you don't bet credit.

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